Top 3 Low Signs Of Low T In Men
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Title: The 5 Most Common Causes Of Low Testosterone

Cause Number 1: Feminine Fat Distribution & Estrogen Gone Wild

Testosterone levels will NEVER be optimal in a body that’s gone deep into the estrogen zone.

If you’re growing feminine breast tissue, carrying excessive weight around your hips, butt, and thighs, your estrogen problem needs to be dealt with.

Cause Number 2: Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals:

You may not have an estrogen problem, but I can assure you that you probably do have an estrogen MIMIC problem.

Estrogen mimic as in endocrine disrupting toxins that will physically destroy a mans sex life.

From phytates found in cosmetics to BPA found in your food and cleaning products, these agents will suck you dry if you do not take steps to avoid them.

Cause Number 3: Prescription Drug Abuse

If you’re taking a prescription medication I can almost guarantee you it’s negatively impacting your sex drive.

From blood pressure meds, to antidepressants, these medications almost always come with sexual side effects.

Cause Number 4: Compulsive Masturbation

Masturbate too often, especially to hardcore pornography, and you’re going to become addicted to the dopamine rush brought on by these extremely graphic images.

Fall into this trap, and normal sexual stimulation will no longer be enough to cause your male hormone levels to rise.

Cause Number 5: A Low Quality Diet

If soy products, corn syrup, low quality oils, and foods out of a box make up a big portion of your diet, your masculinity will definitely suffer.

If you want to build a hormonally fueled body, you need to give your body the nutrients it needs to produce these essential hormones.

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