Signs Of Low Testosterone Levels


Think of your brain as a CEO of a business and when it wants to send a message to it’s workers the organs and cells of your body it uses hormones and testosterone is one of them.

As men get older naturally there testosterone levels decline a little bit. The sad fact is that the medical community is seeing more and more men who are in their 20’s or 30’s having low levels of this hormone, which negatively affects their health.

There are many theories on what causes this problem and one of them is someone getting too much exposer to something known as BPA or bisphenol A.

In a study done in China they tested two groups of men. One group was constantly exposed to BPA for six months and the other group was not. The end result was that the group that was exposed to this chemical had lower testosterone levels, a lower sperm count and more love making problems.

To protect yourself do not heat anything in plastic, this includes the microwave. Reduce the amount of canned food you consume, don’t drink out of plastic bottles and use glass containers to store food.

Another possible contributor to lower hormone levels would be chemicals and contaminations which are in our food. This is a hard one to reduce, but washing fruits and vegetables and eating more organic food could help.

Other causes could be diabetes, obesity, liver or kidney problems, having too much iron in the body, an injury, an ailment and vitamin deficiency.

One of the most common signs a person has low testosterone would be a low interest in sex, and having problems making love. They could feel more tired, have weaker muscles, and have weight gain due to insulin problems, have weaker bones as well as have depression.

This hormone also plays a role in the production of red blood cells, so a condition known as anemia can take place, which brings about some other symptoms. Red blood cells bring about color in a person’s skin, so skin could have a more pale color.

These cells move oxygen around the body so besides someone feeling tired; they could have mental problems like dizziness, confusion and memory problems. Lastly there can be an increased heart rate, insomnia and more frequent leg cramps.
One of the best things someone can do to fix and prevent this problem would be to take a good multi-vitamin supplement.

According to studies at Graz University in Austria individuals with low levels of vitamin D have low levels of this hormone. Someone can get vitamin D from being out in the sun, but with the invention of technology and cars, most people are not out in the sun like they should be.

B vitamins also play a major role in cell health, hormone development and if you’re deficient in just one vitamin it can really impact your health negatively. The other reason I would highly recommend a good multi-vitamin supplement is because even if a person eats a perfect diet everyday they still could be deficient in a vitamin. Due to the chemicals being used, transportation and cooking of food it simply doesn’t have the vitamins and minerals in it like it used to.

When it comes to herbal remedies that help with testosterone there are just a ton. One example is something known as saw palmetto. What it does is interfere with the body’s process of converting testosterone into estrogen.

A few other ideas on great herbs to take would be ginseng, horny goat weed, maca and tongkat ali.

Before you go out and begin to purchase dietary supplements to enhance your health it’s important to understand the dangers. Did you know that dietary supplement companies do not have to list negative side effects? In fact they do not even have to ensure there products are safe before selling them, and the government regulations that protect us are extremely small. Due to this every year many people get hurt buying supplements.

What I highly recommend you do is check out a free report I created all about the topic of shopping for dietary supplements. What I did was spend a lot of time looking over various tips and advice on these products, and I compiled them together in one report.

This report talks about how to identify a good supplement brand from a poor choice. It explains what types of supplements to take for certain conditions, herbs you should be aware of and much more.

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9 thoughts on “Signs Of Low Testosterone Levels

  1. lousep1964 says:

    How do you know for a fact that these supplements that you are recommending
    really work or make a difference The reason I ask is that many people
    recommend this or that but they never have tried them, what have you tried
    that has actually worked. Do you have low T have you been able to raise it
    if so with what and by how much was it raised please share your experiences
    with taking supplements so I can know what is it that works. 

  2. groovass65 says:

    oh man, this could be the reason for so many of my health problems. I’m
    going to have to get my doctor to check my hormone levels when I see him
    next week. Thank you for the eye opening information. you just may have
    saved me.

  3. BEACH ROSS says:

    Yea me, with numbers like 90nl and I’m only 34. I have been avoiding taking
    test for the simple fact that it could cause a heart attack. Symptoms are
    extreme anxiety along with minor depression spells. Fatigue kicks my ass.
    My heart rate is always elevated.great video

  4. Allie says:

    +lesa poll>>3 Cutting Edge Shortcut Techniques That Will Help You To Unlock
    Floods Of Natural Free Testosterone In Just 31 Days<<<

  5. Francisco Navarro says:

    very good info……till I heard the supplement companies are not checked
    by a gov agency. Please, please let us wake up. Big Pharma’s poisons get
    checked by our FDA and they still kill dozens of people.
    PER HOUR!!!!!
    I feel the problem is me. If I dont know how to check the product I pay for
    stuff that is processed using Hexane, a petroleum destilate. As a result I
    end up ingesting it in my multi. Or all the synthetic vit and minerals?
    And guess what? Many of these synthetic are produced by Big Pharma!!!!
    Acording to the book ” Phamaceitical MY-TH” by Gerarld Roliz

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