Questions To Ask Your Doctor About Low T
High blood pressure is a serious condition and one that has a number of prescription drugs available. But are there more natural ways to keep it under control? Dr. Jonathan V. Wright discusses four key things that can be used to naturally get blood pressure under control!

25 thoughts on “Questions To Ask Your Doctor About Low T

  1. Keri Slater says:

    Warming up before exercising and cooling down afterwards helps your heart
    move gradually from rest to activity and back again. You also decrease your
    risk of injury or soreness. Warm-up should last at least 10 minutes —
    longer for older people and those who have been inactive for a long time.
    Cool-down is especially important.

  2. Ken G says:

    The doctor on this video mentioned the word Bulbamine. I goggled it and
    can’t find nothing on it. Where can I get that? Is it natural supplement?
    I would appreciate any replies thank you.

  3. Robert Angel says:

    hmm, I cant put my finger on this but something is wrong. High blood
    pressure is an indicator that your arteries are damaged. just like high
    cholesterol. Something is not clear here.

  4. Bernard Welling says:

    Hi everyone
    I suffered from high blood pressure for some years and have been taking 100
    mg. of losertan potassium. Yes it worked for me but the side effects on me
    a gradual depression. All the doctor wanted to do is give me more pills,I
    got very angry and said that I would take responsibility for my own health.
    After trying various remedies that sort of helped my blood pressure was
    still way to high when I came off the pills, but I persevered. I take my 5
    a day + nuts have a healthy diet and still my. BP is too high when off the
    pills. I recently found a new site advocating CARROT JUICE for high BP so I
    bought a juicer and had my first 2 large juiced carrots , very nice. After
    a couple of hours rest I got up and felt very faint so I took my BP and it
    was 128 over 85. My BP has never been this low. Over a few. Weeks I
    gradually reduced my pills and now my BP is normal at 134 over 85 at rest
    and is improving . I now have more energy and all the depression has gone.
    I feel healthier and happy doing 2 carrots 1 apple daily and celery 2 a
    week . I will post a you tube video for you ASAP
    Lots of love

  5. RonMac08 says:

    Vitamin K2 helps remove calcium from your arteries which help with the
    elasticity and blood pressure. You need vitamin D along with K2, they work
    together. So vitamin D, K2, and magnesium together works. The information
    on K2 is relatively new. 

  6. Todd Beck says:

    I think Doc Wright is excellent but like so many things, he is just at one
    layer of the truth. Question is, in the bigger picture, what is vitamin D
    doing? Well, its known that those with type 1 islet cell death there is
    found aflotoxin…which is a fungal toxin. What destroys fungus without
    having to take a single ingested substance? Sun! Cholesterol plus sunshine
    equal the hormone vitamin D which destroys fungus which few in medicine
    have a clue. Start reading Pubmed. Its all over in there. Arthritis, blood
    pressure, cholesterol, intimately involved with fungus/yeast/candida
    overgrowth which again few have a clue beyond toe and vaginal yeast
    infections. Vitamin D is crucial, but so is knowing what its doing at the
    base and what also need to be addressed with all the other maladies folks
    deal with. More to come.

  7. Sandy Turner says:

    My BP readings were similar to Sam’s below and after visiting a Naturopath
    and put on something similar including Magnesium, potassium and Calcium and
    drinking lots of filtered water am now back to normal BP readings :)

  8. Douglas Alan says:

    The best road to ” chelation” is to donate blood every several weeks.
    Easy aint it !!!
    Yeah. I’m a fuckin’ genius.

  9. Bernard Welling says:

    Hi all
    The other day I felt a bit unwell for no apparent reason and it felt like
    my old symptoms had returned. I took my blood pressure and at rest it was
    very high 193/101. So I took one of my BP pills I kept .I then wondered
    what made it high again.The only conclusion that came to me was that I had
    been snacking on buiscuits my favourite ginger nuts plus mince pies etc. so
    I have now been on a regime of no more snacking pies and buiscuits in fact
    all sugars virtually completely . This is my 3rd day and things are getting
    back to a level of normality. I will update in a couple of weeks to give
    you. The results. Feelin great today.
    Love to you all
    Have a great and peaceful new year

  10. Lind Alvarez says:

    Im in my late 50’s and been on blood pressure meds since my early 30’s, I
    was diagnosed with very low magnesium, vitamin D3 and insulin resistant.
    Over the years my blood pressure is slowly increasing. I’m currently on an
    Angiotensin Receptor Blocker (Diovan 160 mgs) one pill a day and I feel
    horrible. My body aches constantly from head to toe, I don’t have much
    energy to do the least amount of chores. Headaches all the time. I feel
    this medication is killing me of a slow death and I’m sick of it and want
    to get off soon as possible. It’s barley helping to control my blood
    pressure. It also causes brain fog, I find myself unable to stay focus and
    day dream most of the time. It’s like being awake but sleepwalking. I
    keep hearing about the good benefits of magnesium but which ones are the
    best, some have calcium carbonate which isn’t good for you because it like
    lime stone and can clog the arteries.

  11. brooke127 says:

    @Lind Alvarez: I think Dr Wright was referring to a magnesium oil that you
    simply rub into the skin. I’ve heard of it, but never used it. I know of
    another integrative dr who recommends simple Milk of Magnesia for magnesium
    intake-but that sometimes has some salt in it & generic versions sometimes
    have mineral oil, so you have to look at the ingredients to check for both
    of those. Dr Wright also mentioned vitamin D3 for high blood pressure &
    studies have also shown it helps w/insulin resistance. Liquid D3 is the
    best form & you have to take enough to get around the levels Dr W
    mentioned. I take one by Carlson that has 4000 IU per drop. When taking
    high doses of D3, you also have to take some vit K2, specifically what’s
    called the MK7 form of K2. As I understand it, MK7 K2 acts as a kind of
    calcium traffic cop to make sure the body stores calcium in places where it
    should go, like the bones & teeth, but not places where it shouldn’t go,
    like the arteries & heart valves. If you’re Hispanic, you have even more
    need for D3, b/c you have more melanin in the skin which decreases D3
    production from sunlight. Good luck.

  12. Sandy Turner says:

    Hi Dawn, My BP readings were back to normal in 2-3 weeks. I was monitored
    through the week and my BP readings were slowly going down. I am still
    being monitored and thinking I might invest in a BP machine to do it at
    home. Cost for a good one approx. $150 money well spent. I go back to
    naturopath in 6wks for assessment. Also taking one tablet Ubiquinol daily.
    I do recommend you see a naturopath for guidance. Sandy 

  13. Chris Kavanagh says:

    We all know why the researcher he spoke about wanted to find a “new
    molecule” instead of just using Vitamin D, money. No one can make much
    money off Vitamin D, but big pharma can certainly make billions off a new
    drug. . .

    Then you see anti-vitamin so called “studies” on the news constantly and
    people still don’t believe there’s a concerted propaganda campaign against
    the Vitamin and Supplement industry by the drug companies. And guess who
    helps train and support the education of our Doctors in this country?
    That’s right, the pharmaceutical companies. No bias there (sarcasm)!

  14. Bernard Welling says:

    Hi Gitti G
    It didn’t really work out for me in the long run see all my comments. But I
    am going to do the back to fat strategy as I have read elsewhere . Thanks
    for the reminder.

  15. Poonam Abbi says:

    veri little of the healthcare industry is about healthcare, even lesser is
    about disease prevention, & there is almost nothing about health promotion.
    75-80% is about the economics & politics of it…in simple english, it is
    about money & power.

  16. simonklondon says:

    The theory sounds great until you look at this WHO map of the prevalence of
    raised blood pressure and you notice that it’s actually hot African
    countries that are worse:

    The lowest blood pressure rates are found in highly developed countries
    such as the US, Canada, Australia.. I don’t want to pour cold water on Dr
    Wright’s theory as I have high blood pressure myself, but would be
    interested to hear his thoughts.

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