Increase Testosterone Naturally

IN this video Elliott talks about how we can increase our testosterone and sex drive naturally by increasing our vitality with food, rest and water.

25 thoughts on “Increase Testosterone Naturally

  1. Just Begin says:

    I actually got loads of energy BEFORE the sun comes up (4-5am), then when
    midday is arriving (11-12am) I wanna go back to bed and I can literally
    sleep till the sun goes down (6-7pm), then I got loads of energy from 8-…
    But now I try to resist my natural feelings
    so I can get back to circadian rythm and resist this 11am tiredness, and
    just hold on to 9pm and sleep then. Even though I’m tired all day (only
    5am-7am I got energy)

  2. Spencer Arellano-Haring says:

    Elliot does watching porn daily have any effect on loosing testosterone?!

    Thank you for this video 

  3. TheSummerIsMagicOh says:

    *Glad it worked for you also. I usually do it in my daily routine*
    *sched since it only take 6mins to act on it. My penis grew*
    *longer and thicker in an inch every 2wks. it increased my girth*

  4. Richard Buhalo says:

    +strengthcamp Yo Elliot!!! great vid LOVE th iron butterfly intro!!! did
    you know the original title was “in the garden of eden”? dude was drunk
    during recording so it turned into “inagaddadavida” lol

  5. Jacqui Olliver says:

    It’s also important to increase your intake of cholesterol rich foods to
    increase testosterone, as your body requires cholesterol to manufacture sex
    hormones. #testosterone 

  6. sambam007 says:

    Good video. I must admit if your a shift worker like me your kinda screwed.
    My 2 cents is avoid shift working if you can. It messes you up.

  7. George Cut says:

    I had very b ad problems about my hardness. Then my friend suggested me a
    product.There is very noticeable increase in blood flow to the genitals.
    So erection is very strong,long. My girlfriend was shocked on my
    performance. I have a sec ret which make me powerful. I will order new
    bottle of prolargent 5×5 extreme

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