Herbal Testosterone Boosters

Natural Test Boosters
I have been getting many questions about which test booster is the strongest and most effective. In this video I talk about testosterone boosters and whether or not you should be spending your money on them. Is all of the marketing true or is it just hype for another garbage supplement? What is the truth about testosterone boosters?


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25 thoughts on “Herbal Testosterone Boosters

  1. GoldenGateNum9 says:

    Gorgeous body!,
    thanks allot for the advice you make allot of sense, but good luck trying
    to get through to the fast fix modern times & their Barbie meets Duke Nukem

    I guess it all depends on whether or not you really care about your health
    or understand what true health really means,
    the point is that the more balanced & healthier you are the better you will
    Beta Alanine, blackberries & a high quality diet are the best things for
    anti oxidant scavenging & to aid fitness,

    Bottom line genuine health is Holistic. ✘

    “This is called body building?, this is body destroying!”
    Arnold Schwarzenegger commenting on modern body builders
    & steroid abuse

  2. Dicky Cabeza says:

    I was on a T booster, was called Testofreak. I went in right after to get
    my T levels checked and I was amazed, my levels were high! Now came the
    shitty part, I had a pain in my nut after 2 cycles. I went to the hospital
    and found out I had a confined-cancerous-tumor. The elevated T levels on my
    test was because of the tumor and not because of the T booster. Well said
    in this video. I do not trust the supp industry.

  3. leavesspring says:

    Thanks you are the first honest dude I have watched, pls always keep it
    real thanks again for advice, tho I always thought it was just all the
    stuff we should do but many of us don’t or ignore, I will stick with my
    good diet and focus on traning better n getting more quality r&r:-))

  4. Blake Thacker says:

    T boosters work. Do the research. When you post a video that eludes to the
    information about t boosters and talk about something else makes you a

  5. John Robinson says:

    Thanks for sharing this video. The truth is i was one of these men that go
    out and by these different pills thinking it would give me the result i was
    looking for and gues what it did not. I was thinking about buying a
    Testosterone Booster pill but after watching this video about three times
    you are making a lot of since there. If these pill really work do you think
    every male would have there goal made. It upsets me when i think about the
    hundreds of dollors i spent over the years on these different pills. It
    makes since to go to the doctor for a blood test and tell him or her whats
    on your mind and then take i from there. If the doctor want tell you the
    truth who will. So men don’t waste your money on these pills we really
    don’t no what we are taking do we. I think i have Low T and ED why i think
    that because i took the free test on line and it came back as what i think

  6. John Robinson says:

    continue from below. what i think it was. By the way i am also 49 and a
    diabetic. So i am going to do the right thing for once i will not by these
    pills that they say will work but go to the doctor get a blood test and let
    him or her give me the pills i need. So thanks for sharing this video. John

  7. iMatia69 says:

    shit, im 17 and I just ordered Ronnie Coleman’s Testogen. I should have
    watched this video before. Ill just 1 scoop a day and not buy another one.
    Now im in a bad mood.

  8. John Doe says:

    this video is not quite accurate. Hi i’m just an average 29 year old male.
    I have been lifting weights for about a year now, and let me tell you i
    have not had the results like i have had recently. I have been taking six
    star testosterone booster for about 3 weeks now. The results have been
    amazing, totally amazing. I take the booster with one a day pro edge and
    man does it work. I am also a beast in the bed now, just ask my girl.
    Anyway No i am not trying to get anyone to buy anything, I’m just saying i
    don’t agree with what he is saying personally. From my experience they do
    work. But then again everybody is different right. That is something he
    don’t seem to get what might not work for one might work for another, Don’t
    you watch yo Eliot lol. Anyway that’s just my opinion. Do whatever the FUC*

  9. Asoka Mano says:

    It’s 100% true, Test Booster DO NOT WORK. I have tried a few of them and
    none of them worked. On the other hand prohormones apparently are the same
    as anabolic steroids and do work but Test Boosters are not prohormones or

  10. Lift Legit says:

    I personally took every natty test booster for a month straight. Did
    bloodwork before and after. My test levels were actually slightly lower
    after taking the boosters. There ARE supplements that will make you rock
    hard though. Steel Libido by Irwin Naturals. Pop 3-4 of those 30 mins
    before sex and you’re g2g! 

  11. Tyler McGahen says:

    IMPORTANT, let me educate you a little….
    t boosters can inhibit your body’s natural production of the hormone,
    meaning once you start, even with prescriptions, you cant stop. also when
    your body has too much testosterone is converts it into estrogen; reversing
    what you set out to fix. estrogen in men cause changes in mood, low energy,
    low muscle mass, weight gain around the stomach, low virility, depression
    and lack of sleep. also what maybe be scary to hear is that artificial
    estrogen, BPA (invented withing last 50 years), is in almost everything,
    plastic. (side bar, have you notice how women are developing earlier and
    men are shorter, smaller and more feminine…a ha!!) think of it this way,
    thousands of years ago, men were able to take down saber tooths and
    mammoths with basic weapons (and could toss Arnold Swartzenager around like
    a rag doll) , hundreds of years ago roman soldiers could row harder and
    faster than todays most elite Olympians, and regularly did marathons with
    100lb packs. not long ago in WW2, our men were larger and stronger than
    today’s generations. proper nutrition is key in young men. be smart and
    take your time, being in a rush has negative, long term affects with
    supplementation that you dont know what chemicals it contains. zinc is a
    good natural supplement if the quality is good (very important), it powers
    up your free testosterone and blocks estrogen. zinc should be replenished
    after sweating, but again, nutrition, these supplements can be found
    naturally in food. as well as high quality bulbine natalensis (african
    aloe) and tongkat ali. again these should be taken in very specific doses
    and be the highest quality…finding them unfortunately, is extremely
    difficult. so to be safe,since health is our most important asset, take
    care of yourself naturally, its better to be healthy for a life time than
    look great for a few years. also remember prostate cancer is the leading
    killer in men, so be careful with hormone supplementation.
    good luck men!
    your friendly neighborhood nutritionist
    p.s. keep in mind marketing propaganda has a purpose, make sure you do your
    research before you poison yourself

  12. TheAAbck says:

    they make ur dick and balls smaller make u hairey grease up ur skin give u
    spots and increases chances in prostate cancer it can also make u more
    aggersive cause stress and get in the way of ur sleep.its a drug after all
    and drugs arent good for u body anything that causes sythentic unatural
    artificial chemical changes in ur body is bad 

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