Healthy Foods For Female Athletes

Find out what LeBron is really full of…
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Chain Reaction
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LeBron James
Issac Baldizon / Contributor
National Basketball Association
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25 thoughts on “Healthy Foods For Female Athletes

  1. hector zamora says:

    Well. When i use to box i started eating a whole chicken everytime i pushed
    my self to the limit. Later i started eating 30 chicken wings from pollo
    loco lol. 

  2. themuffinladdy says:

    I’m not sure why anyone would eat something as big as a whole chicken or as
    heavy as a baked potato before any sport….that kind of food would make me
    vomit super hard lol. I live in Florida, though, so anything more than
    water and maybe crackers and the heat will make you sick.

  3. TheMrDawson says:

    The definition of athletes is a person proficient in sports and other forms
    of physical excercise. Chess isnt a sport even if some big shot says it is,
    if so cooking and having a mad shit would be too. Chess is a competition
    but the people playing it arent athletes. Before someone comments about the
    mental toll it has remember, to be considered an athlete you have to do
    physical excercise.

  4. spikeytwister says:

    soo, i found CHESS, but… NO CHEERLEADING?!?! i mean COME ON GIVE US A
    BREAK! i would like to see YOU hold up a human being whiles throwing them
    up in the air and catching them while they’re still standing

  5. beatles61 says:

    I drink bourbon from 10 am til sleep, and eat a large vegetarian pizza at
    12, at 2 pm I then do about an 1/4 gram of meth. I should mention now I
    wash dishes for a check. This is how I compete.

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