Foods That Increase Testosterone

Testosterone is hard to increase without artificial injections and patches. However, you can eat these 6 foods to help you out.
1. Foods in the Mediterranean Diet
2. Garlic
3. Beans
4. Foods Rich in Vitamin A
5. Beef
6. Foods Rich in Vitamin D

25 thoughts on “Foods That Increase Testosterone

  1. Lord Forbzilla says:

    I’ve heard mushrooms can increase the vit d your produce from sun exposure
    buy 50% you’ll have to research that on to be sure.

  2. Corey Washington says:

    I drink those Naked juices and i can’t keep “it” down. I also go less to
    fast food, only eating a burger maybe once every two weeks or a month. No
    fried food but i use a lot of olive oil. You don’t have to be perfect but
    just take steps to cut the fat, sugars out your diet. I love potato chips
    and can’t live without them so i gave up ice cream for the chips and feel
    the potato chips is a much better way to keep the taste i love in my diet.
    I have found most of the items spoken of in this video are costly and
    impractical to prepare everyday, that’s why i just drink Naked drinks. It’s
    simple and your getting most of what you need and you take it on the go. I
    have a strong erection for at least an hour during sex and even have energy
    for round two if my partner isn’t wore out…lol. All i’m saying is juice,
    exercise (i like to run) and drink alcohol less. If you drink one weekend,
    skip the next weekend. I’m in my 30s so my body wants to naturally keep fat
    on but the juices helps the digestive process so i’m burning the fat off
    much quicker had i ate a solid meal. If this doesn’t work then you are a
    looser and should just masturbate.

  3. Mark Richardson says:

    No foods actually increase testosterone. This is garbage…nobody can
    naturally increase testosterone. The only sure way is actually injecting

  4. Jeff Wilson says:

    *Cimetidine is an over-the-counter drug that is used to treat heartburn and
    ulcers; regular use of cimetidine is strongly linked with low sperm counts.*

  5. Marc Boucher says:

    A *good supplement* will always be better than these so-called natural
    ways… like those you can find at *fair coupon code* just google them,
    can’t miss them… you’re sure to have your testosterone boosted for real !

  6. Sam John says:

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  7. Power Khan says:

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