Exercises To Increase Testosterone

The best exercise to increase growth hormone naturally and increase testosterone naturally with no growth hormone side effects is through a burst training 10 minute exercise program. Fast healthy weight loss, anti aging hormone production and fat burning weight loss exercises that are simple and easy. Anti-aging or the natural elevation of gh growth hormone does not require anti- wrinkle creams or painful injections. It requires anti aging exercise in 10 minutes that’s it.

23 thoughts on “Exercises To Increase Testosterone

  1. ChiefClickClack says:

    Alright! This is more effective and cheaper than Obama-Care. America needs
    more interval training and less prescription drugs!

  2. John Bowden says:

    eventually the rest of the world catches on, same with vit. D. people are
    too lazy and used to the instant gratifications of a fast paced world…

  3. wyciskTV says:

    Doktor, I’m pretty much addicted to my kettlebell training and I would like
    to do it every day, 20 minutes. I’m not a beginner and need to burn the
    last resorts of fat that are still there so I think I might need to push it
    a bit harder. Am I allowed to train every day for 20 minutes to burn the
    outstanding body fat (currently ~18%)?

  4. 16minniedinnie says:

    Dr Pompa, i’ve been doing the Burst Training for a month, haven’t really
    changed the way i’ve eaten and i’ve lost one dress size! I used to do long
    30-40 min three times a week but i just found myself exhausted. With Burst
    training, i’m at the gym a lot less and i have tons of energy. I have a
    question, on the rest days, would you recommend doing something like yoga
    or pilates? would that interfere with the fat burning zone?

  5. Tyler Durden says:

    I love these comments, so much truth here. Also this video is King! Thank
    you for sharing this Dr. Pompa ^_^ – I agree, many many people with
    incredible youthful bodies endorse HIGH INTENSITY training over all other
    forms of exercise. With weights, body weight, what have you!

  6. T Mendo says:

    I’m type 2 diabetic, currently doing the ketogenic diet, very low carb,
    moderate protein, high fats and HIT training (Mike Mentzer’s) one to two
    times a week with 20 minutes of high intensity bike at the end of the
    workouts. I’m seeing some body composition changes after only three weeks
    thus far, but I believe the principles are very similar and I like the
    dumbell demonstration, i’m going to utilize that also in mine! Love the

  7. Karlo Anthony says:

    Absolutely agree 100% Daniel…I find this type of exercising to be perfect
    for my age group, 50+ and it really keeps you trim and fit. Thanks for the

  8. Warwick Dean says:

    I have a vital question here, when Is the best time to perform these types
    of exercises? And also before or after eating? I know our insulin and
    growth hormone change throughout the day and as we eat so it got me
    Thank you for the information

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