D-aspartic Acid Side Effects

d aspartic acid

I was provided this product in order to do the review, and at first I wasn’t sure what I would do with Testosterone since my impression is that it’s a supplement for men – as is most people’s impression. There are no grown men in my household, just a teenage boy that is producing plenty of his own, let me tell ya. So I did a little research and decided, as a 35 year old female, I might actually benefit from taking it myself, as my awesome body-stuffs will convert the Testosterone to Estrogen, should my body need that to happen.

After a full week of taking it, one per day in the morning, I can tell you – I have indeed seen improvements in certain things. My attention span lasts longer, my concentration and focus are easier to hold and I’m not nearly as fatigued as I’ve been – which was really concerning me of late. Additionally, I sleep better, I feel that my stamina and drive to keep moving throughout the day have improved and I am able to stay focused. My sex drive is more pronounced for sure, however I am a single female, thusly have no “guinea pig” to test these on before myself. No worries though: Studies have begun into the effects of Testosterone in the female body and how it behaves, as other conscientious females likely already know, this hormone has always been considered a men’s hormone and not necessary for women. Personally, I find that logic faulty; in my opinion if it naturally occurs in the body, there is a reason for it and it should be maintained unless proven detrimental. In my case, I’m enjoying the affects of the hormone, and will continue to take it daily. Testosterone has been proven to affect bone density, red blood cell production, sex drive, energy, improve insulin production and create a better sense of well being. I will most likely buy another bottle when this runs out, they are larger sized pills but the way I take them – that’s not a problem, I never put the pill in my mouth first, I drop it on top of a drink of water and swallow it all at once.
Given my family medical history and the extensive research I’ve done before taking the pills, I’m on the lookout for adverse affects, but I have yet to see anything but benefits. I feel better overall, which is helping my frame of mind considerably. Really what I’m enjoying most is the increased stamina and ability to stay focused. I’ve been notoriously distractable now for many years and it was becoming a little embarrassing to have so little focus with my career history and skill set. Now that I have focus, my work quality has improved, I’m more efficient and effective and overall am happier. It’s not hard to remember to take a pill that helps me get through long days, I like it a lot and will get more once this bottle is out. The cost is reasonable and the effects proven already, for me.

25 thoughts on “D-aspartic Acid Side Effects

  1. Erik Munoz says:

    So if I took this on an empty stomach as soon as i wake up do I have to
    wait a couple hours to intake my morning breakfast which also consists of
    high protein??

  2. xrayted600 says:

    ive taken one cycle so far. within the first 3 days i felt amazing in the
    gym. by around day 8 i quit feeling the effects. as soon as i finished my
    12 days i noticed i had NO sex drive. a friend of mine was also taking it
    and he said the same thing about his sex drive. i took it on an empty
    stomach in the mornings, 2 scoops. then also took my pre work out about 30
    minutes later, Pump fuel insanity, which is amazing, ive tried EVERY pre
    workout gnc offers and that is my fav.

  3. Graciegirl4567 says:

    wait so take 3 grams twice daily? so 6 grams a day… I heard thats bad for
    you. Also, I have been taking my 3 grams everymorning after a fat bowl of
    cheerios, will this effect absortion?

  4. QuickLieutenant says:

    when u say to not take with other proteins, Im assuming that includes whey
    protein that you can take before or after a work out?

  5. DSdouble says:

    Hey dude. Can you please expand on this a little? Im 29, got blood work,
    test came back 295, pretty low. I could and have used hCG+nolva or
    hCG+arimidex but wanted to try a “natural” supp. Started the DAA and after
    a lil over a week i really do feel and see a significant difference, I love
    it. Then i read that DAA can convert to NMDA or can act as a NMDA agonist
    which can cause all kinds of neural problems. bc of this i may try nettle
    root+tribulus. please weigh in. thanks

  6. Robin Fields says:

    Im 55 years old LOW T I take shots every 2 weeks you think this stuff could
    help me get away from the needle crap

  7. Robin Fields says:

    I know like arginine is great for an alternative to Viagra but Viagra can
    boost your NO to a better level any ways great for the gym being old I have
    that to 6 a month but I hardly use it cus arginine at 7.5 grams a day gives
    you what my GF likes

  8. Jason Cerone says:

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    outside even we work out well. btw!but ye I saw an interview with body
    building champion where he talks about 7 odd foods he eats to keep his abs
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  9. Nadir Ahmed says:

    Yo yo… Fantastic clip. My dad had been a fat. He went from 283 lbs of
    pure fat to 200 lbs of complete lean muscle. Shit’s insane! I just
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