D-Asparaginic Acid Testosterone Booster

d aspartic acid

Normally it is really hard to burn fat while gaining muscle. You have to be very disciplined at the gym and eat a very strict diet. With this testosterone booster, I was able to gain muscle from working out and also lose fat at the same time without much effort. I didn’t need to change my diet, and I was shocked to see my gains and fat loss after the first month of using this product. Highly recommended.

25 thoughts on “D-Asparaginic Acid Testosterone Booster

  1. Kent Bollström says:

    Hi dudes i just wonder . I recently got intrested in bodybuilding i am at
    age 31 now is it to late for me to shape my body?

  2. Edjaher Lopez says:

    For those under 18 and wondering about d-aspartic acid I’m 16 and only
    taken 1 cycle so far (started my second cycle recently). With my experience
    of DAA I wouldn’t recommend taking this product because at 16-18 natural
    test levels are high so taking a natural test booster won’t really help at
    all. I’m just finishing my second cycle because I don’t want it to go to
    waste although I know I doesn’t make any difference. If you want to take it
    their is no side effects that I have experienced from it and make sure you
    take the dosage recommended because if you don’t you might have some
    hormonal unbalance in the long run. No estrogen blockers needed . Basically
    this is for older folks around 30 years of age because at 30 people lose
    about 15% of test and 10% every decade after. It helped me get a couple
    more reps on my bench nothing big.

  3. cleveland216man says:

    I knew this was a BS product when the guy at gnc told me I would start
    seeing results after I bought the second bottle! 

  4. Sauer925 says:

    I really like their explanation of “studies”, and in an informal way I tend
    to agree.
    But also remember that the point of a study is not always to prove ultimate
    Truth. It is simply a bunch of dudes doing an experiment and presenting the
    evidence, and the rule is that you must be able to recreate the study in
    your own lab.
    In a way, the only way to be sure about anything is to do the test yourself.
    Source: Undergrad scientist, huge c-*ck

  5. Gyima says:

    Good vid, but watch out cholesterol…testosterone is made from
    cholesterol! Try *vunatias testosterone handbook* which is a little more

  6. Dan B says:

    I’m 23, I took DAA after a course of mathandrostonolone, my blood results
    showed and increase of free testosterone back to pre course levels after 10
    days of taking DAA, the DAA made me feel pumped for most of the day and I
    increased the weights I was lifting in the gym across most exercises, this
    is my personal experience with it, I’d recommend trying it yourself to see
    how you personally react to it, as with most things, everyone is different.

  7. baller84milw says:

    3:53 Dianabol isn’t that powerful….and it’s a pill, not a liquid that
    you have to inject. HGH is that shit you need needles for.

  8. DPunk says:

    Worked for me, cycle 3 grand a day 1 week 2x3g for 2 weeks than 3g for
    another week, worth a try for the price I’ll be going again

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