Top 10 Testosterone Boosters


What Is The Best Testosterone Booster?

To put it simply, testosterone is the single most important muscle building hormone in your entire body. The higher your natural test levels are, the faster and more efficiently you’ll gain muscle.

Because of this, supplement companies have come out with an endless number of different “test boosters” designed to raise your natural testosterone levels for improved gains.

But do testosterone boosters work? If so, what is the best testosterone booster on the market?

You’ll find many products in this category, including tribulus, DAA (d-aspartic acid), maca, fenugreek, avena sativa, ZMA and longjack. However, the truth on these “natural testosterone boosters” is simple: none of them have ever been shown in reliable research to raise test levels high enough to positively influence muscle growth or training performance.

It’s important to realize here that increasing testosterone on its own is NOT enough. A small increase of a few % here and there might look interesting on paper, but in order for that to actually benefit you in the gym, you’d need a large increase of several hundred percent or more, which at the moment can only be achieved through the use of actual anabolic steroids.

Testosterone boosting herbs and vitamins are nothing more than a marketing ploy. They might have a small positive effect on overall libido, but in terms of directly influencing muscle growth, they’re next to useless.

The “best testosterone booster” out there is simply hard training in the gym, good sleeping habits and a well balanced diet that contains an adequate amount of fat. Don’t bother wasting your money on pills and powders that claim to raise testosterone to above-normal levels, as there isn’t a single shred of evidence to suggest that they’re actually worth spending your hard earned money on.

25 thoughts on “Top 10 Testosterone Boosters

  1. Isa Fang says:

    major brands out in the market only shows percentage of increase in test
    from supplementation, however what i do not see is manufacturers putting
    down “increase in percentage that has positive anabolic effects”

  2. 2012alex2311 says:

    Hey Sean, I’m not a native English speaker, I didn’t catch exactly what you
    said at 2:32, what is the name of the substance again ? I heard “acid”.

  3. SinisterSkip says:

    And I’m not an old guy, who generally get more out of T-boosters. I’m 28
    and I’ve wasted hundreds of euro’s on T-boosters. Most of em didn’t do
    jack. IF you decide to waste your money on T-boosters as a young guy, at
    least try Horny goat weed. Cheap, safe (used for thousands of years in
    asia) and the strength gains imo are most significant. I’ve got like 8-12%
    of most of my lifts in a month. I’m not big, but after 4 years of lifting
    and getting close to some plateau’s, that’s significant.

  4. ppcoqi2 says:

    animal stack is pretty good. so is d aspartic acid. BUT…the best overall
    experience Ive had was when I was (unfortunately) unemployed. I still went
    to the gym spent more time lifting heavy and got TONS of sleep and naps
    …I felt like a monster and my overall body comp changed significantly..I
    got huge gains all around… Sean is telling the truth…finally someone

  5. hokagehasan says:

    Oh wow thats awesome man, bro I just ordered one isom3 , efa and vita sci
    pro, n got lean elite free , but I thought fat burners dont work? They make
    me dizzy is this safe for me?

  6. mike dna says:

    I have Low-T so I figured some kind of boost would be better then Low-T. I
    started taking (6 Star test-booster pills) seemed safe sold at walmart and
    it did something over a couple weeks. After 1 1/2 months I started
    developing an ache in my right elbow that one morning became very painful.
    after reading on it, yeah! “achy joints” was a side effect of most
    T-Boosters. I’ve been looking for a new one glad I came across this video.
    T-Boosters are a waste so just go for inner heath and be happy.

  7. Mark Richardson says:

    They are a TOTAL and UTTER waste of money for anybody of any age. They do
    absolutely JACK for boosting testosterone.

  8. Tameka Redmond says:

    My husband said the same thing on and got banned for saying
    that lol but it is true. Supplement companies exploit theses natural guys
    that won’t use roids but looking for an alternative , fact is there is no
    alternative. Work with what you got or replace it with a synthetic
    substance. These are your only 2 choices .

  9. doc.sadler says:

    hcg. Not much reseach it actually raise your natural level. But it does
    speed recovery of testosterone post cycle.

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