Best Testosterone Supplement

Hodgetwins Bio:
Keith and Kevin Hodge the “Hodgetwins” are famously known for their comedic commentary on the following Youtube channels “Hodgetwins”, “Twin Muscle Workout” “AskHodgetwins”and “fastingtwins” They have earned a respectable 2 million loyal subscribers and grossed over 400 million views over these channels.

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25 thoughts on “Best Testosterone Supplement

  1. Ronald Jackson says:

    I agree there will not be significant gains around 30 or so they are great
    for some things you will feel a bit better on some reputable test boosters.
    A-HD is pretty good some. I will vouch though train eat well, sleep, look
    at the twins line up of supps they are very good.. Peace I will open a
    channel soon not prepared yet.

  2. ELICIT23 says:

    Test boosters are trash, dont work and fuck you over more than injectable
    testosterone. Doctors dont prescribe test boosters for low Test, they
    prescribe steroids.

  3. P Breezyy says:

    I actually disagree with them here ! I got “prime” from the makers of
    Jack3d and it was awesome 6 pds in three weeks. Just eat like a horse you
    will build muscle, some fat cuz you eat so much, but def gave me increased
    appetite and energy!

  4. subvik h says:

    I feel you do get gains but only for beginners. Like if your a decent size
    then it won’t do shit, but if you want to get like a boost then take iy. It
    will help you get started, but then you wont need them no more. In other
    words testosterone booster is just to get the bitch out of you, once your
    people start saying you getting big, then you basically just finish it and
    move on. 

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