Best Testosterone Boosters

D-Aspartic Acid is the hardest hitting natural testosterone booster CURRENTLY on the bodybuilding scene. Fitness and Supplement Expert for I’, Tim Muriello gives you some insight on what D-Aspartic Acid is all about!

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25 thoughts on “Best Testosterone Boosters

  1. Harris Klebold says:

    I took 3g of DAA with 500mg of L’Arginine for Nitrous Oxide and 25-40mg of
    zinc (to avoid oestrogen developing) for 30 days, rested for a month and
    continued same cycle for a year after a car smash… BUT… Only take it if
    you’re over 30 years old! Also the testosterone boost was very much more
    noticeable during my 30 day off cycle which was strange.
    I don’t lift but I box and do a little MMA for fitness and I thoroughly
    recommend it for burning fat and creating energy. I lost my double chin and
    flab, and generally now look and feel younger. It will also give an
    improvement in your sex life!
    Give it a month to kick in…

  2. T Oadaly says:

    If there are not multiple peer reviewed scientific studies showing
    effectiveness, then it’s almost certainly horseshit snake oil, that is more
    likely to harm you than help you. Some of this type of crap ends up
    destroying livers and kidneys. 

  3. Brayden M. says:

    Green tea lemons
    DAA Horny goat weed
    Trib = no gains just for a broken dick
    Cardio cardio cardio pumps me up in the gym i take this in the early
    morning and walk for an hr on a tredmil briskly can’t believe this i have
    to go on a pure daa mines in a combo 

  4. Ricky Williams says:

    Question: Can a man take D-Aspartic Acid during the day who is
    already on Pro-Argi9 (L-Arganine) ? Any information would be appreciated.
    I’m just learning supplementation. Thank you.

  5. Dave Coder says:

    How about your results? Have you done any blood test to show how much of
    Test, your body produced? You said it did work out for you…
    ” Not the punch in your face aggression but the Alpha man aggression”…
    any more gems like this?

  6. methodsjuv says:

    i am interested to buy WHEY protein gold standards…. i looked here in my
    local place i did not found any… i would like to buy from your store//…

  7. Eric R says:

    DAA will only boost your test for 12 days. After that it wont go any
    higher. And the 30% that it does boost will basically only help with
    aggression but no gains. You need your test levels to be over 200 to see an
    anabolic effect

  8. Conor Pooley says:

    Yo Tim, can you please do a review of PHD growth factor mass, it has
    creating and daa within its formula. I have used it before with great
    results would love your opinion

  9. JERKLBK says:

    I took it with erase pro and it made me way too aggressive and moody as
    fuck. Dropped it after 3 days. I guess it works but I couldn’t handle it

  10. John Storrs says:

    Waste of money and it’s an excitotoxin which can cause brain damage.
    Glutamine is an excitotoxin as well.

  11. Michael Gorlitsky says:

    aspartic acid causes brain damage, because it is an excitotoxin.

    the amino acid levels in your brain can reach 20 fold higher than normal,
    because proteins were meant to be broken down slowly over time in the liver.

    a great place to start for researching this is a youtube lecture called
    “excitotoxins: the taste that kills”

  12. eli murray says:

    Is it true that adding T will lower your natural production levels. then
    you will have to always need a T replacement?

  13. ISEE YOU says:

    Would love to see the scientific study proving any of this makes any
    difference. There isn’t even one for Trib… if ppl did research on legit
    studies they would find there was either no legit study ever done or it
    showed no improvement. Just a way for companies out there to make more

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